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Top Tips: How HR Can Be More Strategic & Five Bite-Sized Blogs to Develop Your Strategic HR Toolkit

Updated: May 4

How HR can be strategic
How HR Can Be Strategic


In this blog, I will provide my top tips on how HR can start thinking more strategically and what questions HR can ask to facilitate strategic discussion. Being more strategic in HR is about understanding the organisation's strategy/objectives and being able to identify and plan how you can support the business in realising its objectives through people plans and HR initiatives. If you want to work strategically, you need to start asking the right questions to the business as this will change the narrative of the conversation from being task-oriented and reactive to being strategic in nature. What are our plans and objectives, and how can HR support our people in being able to achieve them?

7 questions / topics you can discuss with your business to start being more strategic as an HR professional

Below are 7 questions (topics) you can ask your business to be more strategic as an HR professional, and I have included links to 5 of my blogs on the subject areas below, which can be used by you to start developing an HR toolkit: 

  1. Do we have the right people in the right roles to deliver the business objectives (short and long term)?

  2. What are our hiring plans and business rationale for hiring a role? Is it a replacement or a new role? What is the impact of it not being hired, and what is the expected hire date?

  3. What are the capabilities that we need in our business now and in the future, and if we don’t have them, what is our plan of action?

  4. How do we retain our existing talent and attract new talent (succession planning) and increase employee engagement?

  5. How do we get the best out of our people (talent) & how do we have quality discussions about our organisations talent, and develop relevant plans?

  6. How do our learning and development (training) plans support the business in the above areas?

  7. How do we want to be perceived as an employer, and how do we understand the current culture and start to think about our future culture?

By addressing the above questions and considering the broader strategic implications of how HR can support a business in achieving its overarching objectives, HR professionals can better align their efforts with the overarching goals of the organisation.

Check out my blogs on the following strategic HR topics so you can start to develop a strategic HR toolkit:

If you would like any HR support on this topic, please reach out to Progressive HR Solutions via email or website .

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