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Talent Management, Succession Planning & Appraisal Design

We can assist you in facilitating talent management and succession planning discussions to help you better understand your talent and identify development needs and capability gaps. Additionally, we offer bespoke learning and development, coaching and mentoring services.

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Get in touch if...

If you require assistance with evaluating your talent or conducting talent reviews and succession planning to enhance your organisation's capabilities and retain employees, we offer support in the following areas:

  • Helping you to develop or review your talent review process

  • Facilitating talent review processes using the 9-Box grid tailored to your business and providing relevant training

  • Conducting succession planning workshops to help to mitigate business risks by developing actionable plans through retaining employees.  

Testimonials of my work...

"Paul was the HR acquisition and integration lead on the purchase of one of my companies 3D4Medical to a big corporate. I really liked his approach to the due diligence during the acquisition and how he interfaced with my team during the integration. Paul did a great job of being respectful and had a people focused approach, in terms of being mindful of the history and company culture that made the Company a great place to work. Throughout the integration Paul was always people focused and solutions oriented, but commercial and pragmatic and was clearly an expert in his field which was manifested in the positive outcome of the acquisition and impact on keeping up the engagement of the team. I highly recommend him."

Owner of Moorezey Holdings and Roomality. Founder, former owner and CEO of 3D4Medical

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